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VersaLite LV Series
Conveyor designed for the harsh Greenhouse environment.


The VersaLite LV Series conveyor combines durability, portability and versatility all in one affordable package.  This slider-bed belt conveyor is designed to handle light to medium loads (125lb(57Kg) per 16ft(4.9meter) section).  The conveyors are either configured as Drive or Slave sections.  The slave sections plug into the drive section which is wired with the variable speed control.  Up to eight 16ft. slave sections can be connected together (daisy-chained) and be controlled(on/off, forward/reverse, and speed) by one drive section.


-Made from corrosion resistant materials:
aluminum frame, stainless steel pulleys, and UHMW plastic slider bed

-NEMA 4 watertight electrical enclosures and connections.

-One Drive conveyor section can control up to 8 slave conveyor sections (up to 147 feet total)

-Low cost per linear foot of conveyor.

-Can be setup and taken-down quickly

-Can be angled  up to 20 degrees up or down at each connection

-Small diameter (1.25”) pulleys allow for easy transfer of small items from one conveyor section to another.

-One year Limited Warranty


-Input Voltage: 120VAC

-Minarik variable-speed, reversing DC motor control

-Motor: Leeson Gear motor 1/17HP 90VDC

-Load Capacity(per 16’conveyor): 125lb

-Bed Type:  UHMW slider bed

-Belt Width: 10”

-Belt Speed (variable): 0-50 feet per minute

  55 lbs. (8 foot section)
  75 lbs. (16 foot section)

-Standard lengths: 8’4”(2.54m) and 16’4”(4.98m) (custom lengths are available.)

How it works: There are two different classes of conveyor: drive and slave. The drive conveyor is a complete conveyor by itself. It has its own motor and control and can be used as a stand-alone unit. The slave conveyor has its own motor but has no controller. It must be connected electrically to a drive conveyor in order to run. Up to 8 slave sections may be controlled by a drive conveyor section for a total of 147’. (when using 16’ sections)

Available in 16’4” and 8’4” sections standard(custom sizes are available). The VersaLite L Series is built to handle high moisture environments, so it can be used in the Greenhouse or even outdoors. All electrical connections are NEMA 4 rated waterproof sealed. The conveyor is built almost exclusively from corrosion-resistant materials. The conveyor frame is aluminum. The end pulleys and bearings are stainless steel. The slider bed is made of UHMW polyethylene. The only steel on the conveyor is in the zinc plated fasteners.

The VersaLite L Series is easy to setup and move. First, set up your stands. (Two stands are required for each section.) Second, set your drive conveyor at one end of your run. Third, set your slave sections on your stands while placing the tail end(the end opposite the motor) of each conveyor into the cradle bracket of the previous conveyor.(picture A)  Fourth, using the quick connect DC connectors. (picture B) plug in the first slave to the drive, and plug in each slave after that to the previous slave. Finally, plug in your drive to 120VAC, switch on the control, and dial in your speed.

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A. Conveyor Sections drop into brackets to maintain proper spacing.


B. Quick-connectors connect slave units to the drive conveyor.


C. Connected conveyor Sections

90 Degree Turn Kit
Includes all of the necessary brackets to create a 90 degreen turn between two conveyors.

Click here for a video of it in action.

TURN1 turn2

If you could use just one word to describe the Versalite L series conveyor it would be versatile.  This conveyor allows you to do things that other conveyor systems just can’t do.  With most conveyor systems you have to buy another drive conveyor unit every time you change direction.  With the Versalite, all you need to buy is a cord.

Below is just a few of the many configurations that can be made with just one drive unit controlling several slave units.  For illustration purposes we just show on drive section and 3-4 slave sections, but keep in mind that you can connect up to 9 sections (1 Drive +8 Slaves) in any configuration.

Versalite Configurations1
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