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Universal Dibbling Board

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The MagnaDibbler  is a universal  dibbling board  that allows the user to place dibbling pins anywhere on its surface.  Each Dibbling pin has a magnet on its base and will stick anywhere on the galvanized steel board.
-No need for buying a different, custom made dibble board for each different tray
-Able to be used with hanging baskets
-Quick and easy changeovers from one tray configuration to another

-For use on Automatic Dibbling Machines*

*The automatic dibbling machine on which this board will be used must stop the tray when dibbling.  The MagnaDibbler will no work with “on the fly” dibbling machines that don't stop the tray.


-Available Dibbling Pin Sizes:
  1/2”,5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1.25”
-Supported Tray Counts:
  1 to 36

Positioning the dibbler pins is easy.   With the MagnaDibbler base plate empty of pins, set your autodibbling machine for your container.  Take one container, that you will be dibbling, filled with soil, and place each of the dibble pins in the tray in the locations where you would like the dibble hole.  Run the container through the machine. The cones will stick to the base plate and stay in place.  This enables you to get consistent positioning of your dibble holes on all of your trays.

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